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Jekyll Is Awesome

January 15, 2017

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TL;DR Use Jekyll and Github Pages for a cheap and maintainable blog.

Everytime I work on editing my blog I am astounded by how easy Jekyll is to use. While I spend all of my time working on a wordpress site, I love the ease of a running a static website. Free hosting through github pages, and having a conveniently designed website that lets me blast out a post in markdown is awesome.

Static Site

One of the biggest advantages of Jekyll is the power of having a purely static site. While it can be limiting in a lot of situations in terms of interactivity, having a static site behooves my workflow, as it means that my blog is editable anywhere there is internet.

Jekyll serve

One of my favorite features of Jekyll is the ability to serve the site locally on the command line. I don’t have to worry about localhosting or any server site management. Editing the site on my computer and then pushing it to github to have the changes go live is awesome.


Another great feature of Jekyll is the use of variables. It helps create sitewide variables that massively help the workflow. Editing config.yml and having those changes reflect over the entire site is awesome and really helps with adding things like Google Analytics.


It’s great being able to write as much as I’d like in spacemacs, save the post as a .md file and then push it to my github repo for the changes to go live. I haven’t encountered that ease anywhere else.


Having the ability to host my blog for free, in a highly maintainable, portable way has proven to be unbeatable. Maybe at some point in the future if this site gets busier I will need to consider editing my workflow but until that distant, hazy point in the future this is Jekyll will continue to be my favorite way to write on the internet.